Thursday, April 1

Keeping Up

This year seems to be flying by so fast that I'm finding it hard to keep up. It seems just a week ago we were hearing predictions of a snowy January, and already it's a beautiful 75 outside on April first. Midterms melt into finals, long days into shorter nights, and next week I'll be another year older. It seems my last birthday celebration was fairly recent, what with the cast and all, but it will have been eleven months ago as of today. Next week is the actual birthday itself, and I can't say I'm happier to be getting older, though I'm not unhappy about it either. I just hope this year I can learn more than I have this last year.

I've spent a bit of free time trying to look over the last while, and I've found that I've left several things unfinished. I rarely write anymore, though I have three stories untouched in their progress, and I rarely play my guitar anymore though I now have an amplifier and pedals for it. I suppose if people can have New Year's Resolutions, maybe I can have Birthday Resolutions? By next April 7th, I hope to have my stories finished and be able to play Life After Death And Taxes and Savannah. There. Now to hold myself to that.

For anybody who was a bit worried since my last blog post, I'm still sorting things out, though I'm thinking I've got it figured out a bit better. Thanks for any prayers; they helped more than you know.

I suppose I should keep up with this blog more. I will try. Though maybe not for a while, since I still have to make birthday presents for my best friend, because my computer was thoughtful enough to re-initialize and delete all my files. I, being the brilliant person I am, finished them in November but didn't think to put them on a flash drive with the rest of my files. Oh well, I guess this is more fun - living to the limit.

Here's to Peace, Love, & 75 Degree Sunny Days

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